Halloween Lesson Plan

This is a fun Halloween lesson plan that includes a lot of different kinds of activities, including vocabulary of monsters, traditions of Halloween, reading and telling scary stories, and talking about horror movies. The activities can all be used separately of course so feel free to pick and choose what you want to use in any given class. ¬†If you teach in an EFL setting, chances are students will know a little about Halloween, but it might be bits and pieces. Even people living in the West don’t necessarily know all the history or traditions surrounding the holiday.

This is a fun lesson to bring in decorations for, or at least draw some a jack o’lantern on the board. The more of an atmosphere you can create, the more fun and interesting it will be for your students.

Halloween Lesson Plan Objectives

  1. Teach about the holiday of Halloween
  2. Elicit and teach the vocabulary of Halloween
  3. Practice reading comprehension including analyzing the elements of a scary story.
  4. Practice writing and telling scary stories

Halloween Lesson Plan Materials

Halloween Lesson Plan Warm-Up

First I ask students what they know about Halloween. Usually I get things about pumpkins, candy, trick or treating, monsters and ghosts. I put vocab words up on the board – especially those that will come up later in the lesson so they have a first exposure verbally and visually.

History of Halloween

Now I tell them that they will learn a bit more about the holiday and the history behind it. I hand out the British Council’s The History of Halloween worksheet and ask them to think about whether the statements below are true or false. With weaker classes, I might warn them that the false statements contain some truth but have a small error in them (otherwise they might be easily fooled into thinking all the sentences are true). Continue reading “Halloween Lesson Plan”