Resources for Writing

Some places I get my inspiration from and tools for leveling and analyzing texts. If you have a page you think would fit here, please let me know by email or in the comments and I’ll add it on.

Language Tools and Corpora

  • Lex Tutor A text analyzer with word count, word frequency, vocab level, and other extremely useful functions for targeting a text to a level.
  • Text Analyzer Another really nice text analyzer. Great for leveling vocab.
  • The best free corpus I’ve ever found.
  • Michigan Corpus of Spoken Academic English  A corpus of spoken English taken in academic settings. Full transcripts available!

CEFR and Leveling


Visual Design

  • Purdue OWL on Visual Literacy Presentations on Visual Design including fonts and colors. On my browser at any rate I had to download them before viewing them. Great basic theories of visual element use in documents.
  • Color in Motion Fun movies and interactive activities to introduce the emotional associations we have with different colors.
  • Custom Style Sheets in Word A video tutorial on how to make a custom style sheet set in word. This allows you to create multiple documents that all have the same formatting or one long document that has matching elements such as headers, text boxes, instructions or any other text you want to format uniquely.


  • Getty Images Getty images that are free to embed online for non-commercial sites.
  • Pixabay Stock images that have been released into the Public Domain. No attributions, commercial or non-commercial use.

Please add more in the comments, and I’ll add them to this page!

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