NSFW: Infixes in English

This week’s XKCD is not exactly work or kid safe as it contains a bad word, so I’ve hidden it. But I love how it illustrates the creativity of language, and also that what we often see as “slang” has rules. Specifically, this is a great example of how to use infixes! We all know English has prefixes and suffixes. But infixes? Words that come inside other words? Click the Read More link to see an example:

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Goal 10: My Book Print

So Goal 8: Extend the Conversation is a bit hard to do outside the classroom. And Goal 9: Send a Future Message will take some time and thought. So I thought I would jump straight to Goal 10: My Book Print, which according to the original suggester is:

“A list of books that leave an indelible mark on our lives, shaping who we are and who we become”

Having just moved two months ago, I have had the privilege of going through all my books again  and at least glance at them and remember them. The ones that left an indelible mark are easy to identify because they are the ones I touched or smiled at or even flipped through before putting them on the shelves. Here’s a handful, none of the ELS-related.

Robert Parker opened me up to a genre I had never been into, the macho noirish detective but I love the way he recreated the genre with humor and flair and thoughtfulness.
Shakespeare’s words and quotes and characterizations are simply classics. Those posters about how many proverbs or metaphors or whatever came from Shakespeare never surprise me.
Freud’s Civilization and Its Discontents stays with me because it summed up the problem of the individual and society in a novel and I think very true way.
God Knows tells a beautiful and sad story and it taught me how to expand from source material and make it your own. Although so did the Mountain Goats.
And The Princess Bride is just a wonderful story. Very funny. Very clever. Two lessons: Life isn’t fair and everybody is secretly saying, “I love you.”