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About Me

I’ve taught English in the South Pacific, Central Asia, and Coastal Connecticut. I have taught everything from Business English for Russian oil executives to Academic English for Afghani high school students. I particularly enjoy discussion lessons, student led activities, and teaching grammar for communication and not as a set of dry rules! I currently do freelance materials writing and work as a part-time nanny/live-in chef to my son. And of course, I blog, fix up our new house, buy stuff online, and make up silly songs.

About the Site

This site is mainly where I share my lesson plans and activity ideas to try to help other teachers. I also write about teaching issues and stuff I’m thinking about or reading. Feel free to use anything here, but just don’t put them up on your site or pass them off as your own, please. If you have a lesson plan or a resource you want to share, let me know and I’ll put it up or link to it, with full credit given.


6 thoughts on “About & Contacts”

  1. Hello. I am currently teaching English in a small town in Thailand. I love your site and frequently refer to it for ideas and worksheets. I have been trying to open the Town Map, Worksheet and Map Exercise links in the Giving and Understanding Directions lesson, but the links do not seem to work. Any way you could redirect me or email those docs?? Thanks so much.


  2. I’m Jason from Malaysia. I stumbled across your site by accident when searching for materials to teach. Yes, I teach English too.

    Great site, keep up the good work. Yes, I lurn English here.


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