Clue by Clue Critical Thinking Mystery: The Break-In

I originally wrote The Break-In to use in presentations where I demonstrate how clue by clues work. As such it’s not the most sophisticated Clue by Clue but I really like it. It started with a fun question, “What if someone breaks into a store and doesn’t steal anything?” From there my brain developed a fun narrative. Can your students also follow the clues and figure out what would make someone break into a story without taking a thing? If you have imaginative and clever students, they might be able to figure it out by the third clue!  These are far and away


What’s a Clue by Clue?

A clue by clue is a critical thinking mystery activity that generates a lot of  discussion. Students are given a situation to analyze. They are then given the clue cards, one at a time. In pairs or small groups, students analyze each clue to try to decide if it’s relevant or irrelevant. They also analyze it to figure out how it helps solve the mystery. It’s a great way for students to practice critical thinking skills. Solving a mystery means evaluating evidence, synthesizing information from different clues, and telling truth from lie and fact from opinion. (Check out my post on Why short mysteries make awesome critical thinking activities for more and a list of all my clue by clue activities).


Critical Thinking Mystery Activity The Break In Critical Thinking Mystery Activity The Break InDownload The Break In Clue by Clue

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