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I had a lot of fun answering Jennifer Lebedev’s questions for this interview on her blog: Making Discoveries: An ESL Story. I particularly enjoyed recalling that vocational school I worked at for a semester in Astana, Kazakhstan. As if teaching total beginners wasn’t a challenge enough, and the -30 Astana winters weren’t a hostile enough environment, there were the joys of the outhouse and the barebones classroom.

I do wonder what happened to those future hairdressers, cooks, and fashion designers of Kazakhstan. I wonder if any of them use English now at all. I wonder what they think of me and my class. Maybe, some day when we visit Kazakhstan again, we’ll run into someone a former student. Or I can drop by. Funnily enough even though we got lost for 2 hours trying to find the school the first time we went out there, I remember the road so well now. I’m sure I drive there without getting lost once.

I won’t spoil the interview anymore than I have, but if you want to find out how I became a teacher, my advice for designing lesson plans, or my favorite icebreaker, go check out the interview. And be sure to browse around Jennifer’s site for other great articles and interviews!

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