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Getty Images’ embed feature lets you share images on blogs and social media. Embed photos and get attribution links already formatted for you.

Source: Find Images for Blogs & Social Media with Embed | Getty Images

I was not aware that Getty Images gives you access to their images, photographs and pictures if you want to use them non-commercially. I wouldn’t try to use them on my blog as I do sell some lessons here. The other limitation is that you have to embed them, so you can’t download them and use them.

However, you can download a small, comp image of any Getty Image if you want to spec an image and have your editor see what you have in mind. This might not work perfectly if you need the image to be quite large . The comp images are pretty small and stamped with a watermark. Obviously you are expected to buy the actual image for proper use.

Still it’s nice to have another resource of quality, free images for bloggers.

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