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I have spent ridiculous amounts of time searching for city or town maps lately for my ESL activities. I’ve been doing a lot of activities that practice directions in English, and a lot of city or town vocabulary. So I decided to sit down this morning and make a series of maps. And I also thought I would share them for other teachers or writers to use. I do ask that you give me full credit with a link if you are using them online. Do not try to pass these off as your own please. I also ask that you not add these to another resource bank–use them for activities or games or tests, but if people want to download the raw maps, I prefer they be directed to my site. But do feel free to add to or adapt these maps in any way you see fit, commercial or non-commercial.

The first one is a basic grid. The second one adds some apartments or stores giving you four times the locations and vocab like the second door or the first door or around the corner.

The last one is a little more complex and beautiful. This might evoke a nice neighborhood, but it also allows for more complex directions!

Basic City Map

City Map with Divisions

Complex City Map
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