Genre Approach to Writing Slides

Just sharing my slides from my ConnTESOL presentation on the genre approach to writing.

The genre approach starts with the idea that writers write for a purpose, from a particular author role, to a particular audience, in a particular context. And that depending on the purpose and the situation we choose to write in different genres.  Genres are socially-defined conventional forms of texts that have particular linguistic features (structure, language, grammar, content) that students can be taught to make their writing more effective.

My presentation describes the basic theory of the genre approach and then presents the stages of a typical lesson or unit with examples of activities.

I used the example of a brief news article because I wanted something short and also a genre that had some relevance for academic and non-academic classes. Any other genre could have just as easily been used.

Please feel free to look at the slides and let me know what you think: Beyond Five Paragraphs

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