Predicting Vocabulary Worksheet

We all have our exercises for helping students predict vocabulary from context, and it’s nice to give students some practice with an authentic text. I wrote about the process I use for students to help them guess the meaning of a word from context and I mentioned a worksheet I used to have. Well, I never found it or the book I got it from, but I needed to do this lesson recently, so I made up a new worksheet for predicting vocabulary.

The feature that I like to add, one that is sometimes overlooked, is the check-box where students say whether or not their guess was enough to comprehend the article. Because we often tell students that they don’t need to know the exact dictionary definition of the word in order to get the reading, but it’s nice to give them a chance to reflect on that. And also to acknowledge that sometimes you DO need to know the exact meaning of the word. Or sometimes your guess is good, but there’s simply not enough information in the article for you to understand the word in question. So we need to give students a chance to say, “No, I didn’t get it. I know this word is some kind of animal, but I need more information to understand the author’s point.” That’s ok, too. That does happen.

So please, let me know what you think and check out the earlier post for how I use it.

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