My Presentation of the Genre Approach

I was honored to be part of the first ever TOBELTA Web Conference sponsored by TESL Toronto and BELTA. My presentation seemed to be well received and I would love to hear feedback. If you missed my live show, they’ve put up the recording of my presentation and you can also access the the slides alone. Finally I’ve done Past the Five Paragraph Essay Handoutthat provides a little more information about the benefits of the Genre Approach and why the five paragraph essay needs to die! It also has references for other books and sites out there.

I am quite serious about feedback because I am very excited about the genre approach to writing (or speech). I think it addresses many of the flaws in the five paragraph method that is traditionally taught along with these generic text types like compare-contrast, argument, process and problem-solution. And I do think this is a very exciting time for the genre approach because there is room for teacher contributions–materials, ways to implement it or integrate it with other methods, theory, research on its effectiveness. So as I say in my presentation, here’s this cool thing I found. Please do something cool with it!

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