How to Write for ELT Magazines

This is a wonderful video that presents a very clear outline of how to write an article that can get published in a magazine like Voices or TESOL Connections, written by the editor of IATEFL Voices, Alison Schwetlick.

I really like the outline that she lays out and I’ve used it for every article I’ve written since then–and both of those got published. Which doesn’t sound very encouraging until I tell you that I’d never had any articles published before. Her template is as follows in case you haven’t got time to read the article:

  1. Lay out the context–why did you come up with this idea? What need did you have to make this lesson plan or activity? Why did you want to do this research?
  2. Tell what others have said–link it to the research or pre-existing ideas and practices.
  3. Show how it works, how it applies to the classroom, which is easy for a lesson plan or activity.
  4. Link it to a wider context–where else could this idea be used? How could it be adapted? What are the limitations? What’s the next step?

How to write for IATEFL Voices and other English teaching magazines with Alison Schwetlick

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