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Typing NinjaMy first webinar on teaching typing and basic word processing skills was a lot of fun! It seems like people enjoyed it. I think the take away was anything, even word processing, can be fun if you make it a race or a challenge. Also, every country has its own keyboard layout, not to mention alphabet, so there’s no shame in being a hunt-and-peck typer in another language!

If you want to check out the websites and model activities that I talked about, here’s my handout: What’s_a_Word_Processor_Teacher.

I also have some other resources I’ve discussed on teaching typing and text-formatting and word processing. These might be repetitive, but check them out:

  • A post on Microsoft’s fun game that has poor Clippy looking for new work and students exploring Office 2010 in a very independent and creative way: Ribbon Hero
  • More ways to teach Word Processing, with a lot of overlap from my handout.
  • A webquest which is better at teaching Google-fu (or Internet skills) but takes some basic typing as well.
  • And some ideas for interactive writing including using Twine, which is a wicked fun program!

And here are some resources that others have blogged about:

  • Via TESOL Blog, Dance Mat Typing which teaches typing with a rock-and-roll theme and when you make a mistake, the keys shout out “type on me”!


Feel free to check back in and let me know how you used or adapted these activities in your classroom or with your students.


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