Reflecting on my EVO Course

My EVO session on Crafting the ePerfect eBook is done and I even have the certificate to prove it!

It’s been really interesting. I’m not sure what I had expected. I was looking to get some advice on writing and writing online and maybe some more experience. I came in with a few vague ideas that I have had for online textbooks but haven’t been sure are feasible. In the end, I went in a direction that was different from the majority–rather than an eBook for students, I ended up starting an eBook for teachers (based on some research I’ve done on cooperative or collaborative group work).

The best part of the workshop was probably all the moral support and all the examples. I got a lot out of looking at other people’s books. I also picked up a lot of Ebook Resources including publishing formats and articles and programs.

Most importantly, it was a chance to reflect on what an ebook is and what it can do. I recently posted here that for the main advantage of an eBook is its portability. I can read on my iPhone everywhere which I really enjoy. However, the idea of an interactive eTextbook never fully grabbed me. In fact, the last place I worked when they did eBooks, they very similarly basically scanned everything on to the Internet and added the listening files. I suppose my feeling as a teacher was that working with paper and working with technology are basically the same thing except working with technology often takes longer.

My eyes have really been opened. I see there are a lot of fun interactive toys on the Internet that can be used for education AND can be incorporated into an eBook. Another of my objections was that I like books to be, well, books–finite, concrete, holdable. There should be a thing there that is a book. Books don’t have to be linear but they shouldn’t be infinite or uncontained. So it was interesting to see how people embedded widgets or even links into PDFs and other ebook formats. That way you have a page that is self-contained but links out.

That’s probably the area I learned the most about: formatting. And the area that I would like to discover more about is design. I’d really like to find pages with concrete advice about fonts to use, how to space and align things and so on.

So overall I got a lot out of it and I plug away at my eBook from time to time. Maybe you’ll see it offered on this very site!

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