30 Goals: Prepare for the Journey

By Bruce Berrien

Back on the 30 Goals horse, hoping to beat last year’s record of 10 or so goals–especially as I will be hosting one of the goals!

Goal one was to do a 3-2-1 Introduction or 11 random facts about yourself. I just did a 3-2-1 video recently and I thought I would quickly redo it using another cool video editing tool, just for fun and the learning experience. Without further ado, 3 facts about myself, 2 things I love, and 1 job I would have if I weren’t a teacher.

Using WeVideo was a lot of fun, but it’s not a precise tool. Hence it was really hard to get all the frames the same size. I actually prefer using Windows Movie Maker as a nice blend of precision and user friendliness. But that’s just me.

Also please admire my new 30 goals image to embody the new theme of a world tour or road trip!

Update: My horse jumped the gun. I guess the 3-2-1 for this exercise is supposed to be:

  • 3 things we should know about you
  • 2 goals you’d like to accomplish this year
  • 1 achievement you are proud of from 2013

So, I’m revamping and exploring yet another technology tool that I like: Glossi

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