Lesson Plans for Making a New World

UPDATE: I have created an all-inclusive serious and not so serious worksheet for students to create their own nation. It prompts them to devise a map and a flag as well as more serious issues like whether or not to have the death penalty and freedom of speech. It also includes cultural issues such as holidays! The worksheet with some guiding questions is here: Create a new nation.


Cleaning up my desktop, I found this lesson plan: Create a Country from Turklish TEFL.

I have my own Creating a New Society lesson. I hadn’t posted this one before because it’s pretty closely adapted to the one I found on about.com.

Students love this kind of lesson. I like how the Turklish lesson plan focuses on fun stuff like a map and a capital and a language. And encourages them to make a new fictional country (The example of Beeristan may not be appropriate for everyone of course). My lesson plan is really only for high intermediate and advanced students and focuses on serious things like laws and industry and the education system! At some point in the future, I may combine them to a slightly more fun worksheet, unless someone beats me to it!


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