Writing a Scary Story Lesson Plan

Writing a Scary Story Lesson PlanThis is a great lesson plan for Halloween. My Writing a Scary Story Lesson Plan: Movie of Death uses the genre-based approach to writing. Instead of starting with a set formulaic template, much as we teach the 5-paragraph essay, in the genre-based approach, students look at examples of a kind of writing. They then analyze the key elements that make that writing what it is. This makes it easy to use those elements in their own writing.

In this Writing a Scary Story Lesson Plan, students read several scary stories. They also talk about horror movies they are familiar with. They are then guided through an analysis of key features of a scary story. These include typical settings for a scary story, building tension, the concept of a twist,and endings. Students then write a story with those genre-specific elements.

Writing a Scary Story Lesson Plan Objectives

  • Students will read and analyze a scary story.
  • Students will use elements of a scary story to write their own.
  • Teachers will have fun and integrate Halloween into an academic curriculum.

Writing a Scary Story Lesson Plan Materials

  • The Movie of Death story
  • Scary Story Genre Analysis Worksheet
  • Scary Stories adapted for intermediate students. (optional)
  • Story Prompts (optional)

Intrigued? You can see a preview and download the full lesson at Teachers Pay Teachers: Movie of Death: A Halloween-Themed Genre Approach Lesson Plan

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