Either/Or and Neither/Nor Cards

Had to review parallel structure the other day with my students, as well as constructions like “Either…or” and “Neither…nor”. Having done something similar but more clumsily in earlier lessons, I decided to design and print out Either-or Neither-nor Cards [DOCX].

On one side there are pictures of two similar but slightly different things, such as a pair of blue and a pair of white sports pants. On the other side, they say either either/or or Neither/Nor. Students have to come up with sentences for each one using the objects and the construction. I like the way lower level or less creative students can come up with sentences like:
“I will buy either a black shirt or a white shirt”
“I like neither hamburgers nor hotdogs”

and more creative students can give much more interesting and complicated sentences like:
“While it’s true that I can either go to the beach or go to Las Vegas, I would prefer to go skiing this weekend.”

If anyone has other games to play with these cards, please do let me know in the comments.

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