Halloween Process Essay

Woman in a witch costume holding a mask: Halloween Process EssayI love Halloween and I love teaching writing. So when my English language school required teaching the process essay, I figured out how to do a Halloween Process Essay.

What is a Halloween Process Essay?

Trying to explain what makes a good process essay can be difficult. Maybe because the textbook gives a list as an example, students tend to underestimate this essay type. So I’m always on the lookout for ways to teach the process essay better. And I’m also always looking for ways to make it fun and original. I’ve had enough of recipes for Saudi dishes (no offense to the food, but after a few years it gets tedious!)

So last fall, I began looking for ways to tie the process essay into Halloween. That’s when I found these instructions on how to make a mask. I thought they’d be perfect as an example of a process essay. However they did need to be adapted them slightly, because I don’t think everyone wants to go as a guy from Slipknot. I also simplified the language a bit.

How to Make a Mask

So here’s my version of “How to make a mask”: A Halloween Process Essay¬†which you can download and print out as is. I have it in DOC format so feel free to edit it up or down for your class.

I present it by cutting it up into individual paragraphs and having students figure out what order the paragraphs go in. That puts an emphasis on order in process essays. It also helps them notice how writers indicate the order of activities, how they create coherence by referring to objects and steps that came before, and how they introduce or conclude a section of a process.

After students have assembled the essay, we highlight a lot of that language. We also highlight repeated words and talk about why they repeat. Then we look at verb tenses.

Now, the “How to make a mask”: A Halloween Process Essay¬†might still seem to be a bit long but making a mask takes a certain amount of detail. So draw your students attention to the length. Point out that it’s important to be thorough in describing a process, particularly one that you want students to do themselves. I also have a nice activity on the completeness of instructions where students look at how to register a webpage. If you have enough time and space, students can make actually masks. Then you can discuss how clear the instructions were. Plus it’s fun to do arts and crafts in class.

Ultimately, you will want your students to write a process essay of their own!

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