Find Someone Who, Greet Them As If

This lesson plan is a variation on the standard activity, “Find someone who…” If you aren’t familiar with this activity, students are given a worksheet with a series of sentences on them. They have to try to find a person in the classroom who matches each sentence.

For example, “Find someone who has a birthday in September,” or “Find someone who likes the color red”. Students then go around the classroom asking, “When is your birthday?” or “What’s your favorite color?” until they find the right students.

This exercise is a nice filler or warm up and it can be tailored to practice specific questions or vocab or structures. Want students to practice the present perfect? Give them statements like, “Find someone who’s been to India.” Or if you’re practicing the vocabulary of the kitchen, use statements like, “Find someone who knows how to flip pancakes in a skillet.”

My Twist: Greet Them As If

I’ve added a new dimension to this. It’s particularly good if you’re doing this activity as a warm-up or practicing social communication.

In this version, you give students a “find someone who” statement and a “greet them as if” instruction. For example students have a card that looks like this:

Find someone who has a pet dog.
Greet them as if they are your boss

Students go around the room asking, “Do you have a pet dog?” When they find someone who does, they now must greet them as if they were greeting their boss. So they might say, “Good morning sir. I’ll have that report for you tomorrow.”

This adds a little bit more fun to the activity, but more importantly it gives students practice in speaking in different ways and in different contexts.

It can also help you lead into a lesson about polite versus impolite speech or formal versus informal speech. Or appropriate ways to greet people, including topics of small talk with strangers.

Hope you enjoy this idea as much as I have enjoyed using it and as usual feel free to leave comments critiquing it or discussing how it worked in your class.

I have prepared 32 general cards for this activity which you can download in .doc format, so you can edit them all you want, but those took me a long time and some creativity to put together, so I’m asking for a small payment of 50 cents if you want to use those. That’s 50 cents for lifetime use. Click on the “Buy Now” button, if you’re interested.

32 sample cards for find someone who and greet them as if… in Word doc format.

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