This is Halloween Lyrics Gap-Fill

Scary Halloween Pumpkin This is Halloween Lyrics Gap-Fill“This is Halloween” is the opening song from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. It makes a great classroom activity to introduce the concept of Halloween, especially setting the mood. Note that this song is not to be confused with the Marilyn Manson song of the same name!

I show the video to my ESL and EFL students and discuss what they see and what it tells them about Halloween. I made a This is Halloween lyrics gap-fill activity, which you can purchase and download at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. This video makes a good opening activity. Or a filler to fill up the last 10-15 minutes of class. Of course, it’s great practice at listening comprehension and it can be a fun sing-along.

This is Halloween Lyrics Video

Here are a few other ways to put the song to use:

  • You can have students watch and list all the scary monsters they see.
  • Introduce the idea of the Boogey man, the monster who hides in the closet or under the bed. Ask if their culture has a similar catch-all monster.
  • Ask if scary and creepy things can ever be fun?
  • Discuss the lyrics. Why do the monsters say they aren’t mean? Are the things mentioned in the song scary or funny?
  • Rank the scariness of the different monster they see in the video
  • Show part of the video for 30-60 minutes and have students make as many sentences as they can about what they see.

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