Culture Shock

This is a discussion lesson that focuses on cultural differences in terms of polite and impolite actions. While the materials were designed with Kazakhstan in mind, they are easily adapted to any nation or culture. This is far and away the most popular lesson plan on this site and I am proud of that fact. I love to get feedback positive or negative in the comments!


  • To develop fluency
  • To discuss culture and cultural differences. To encourage students to deconstruct their culture and learn about other cultures.

This discussion lesson on culture has been moved to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. You can purchase it there and download it. Thanks!

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21 Replies to “Culture Shock”

  1. Thank you for posting your lessons on this sight. It really helps a lot of teachers.I like the lessons that you make and my students have fun doing the activities.Continue to upload your lessons to help others.

    1. I am so sorry for this. For some reason, logging in with Google Chrome is not working. I have emailed you the lesson plan and worksheet. If anyone else is having troubles logging into the site please leave a comment or email me directly, and let me know what browser you are using so I can try to fix this issue. I’m happy to send out materials to anyone whose paid for them. Again sincere apologies. Hope to get things back to normal soon.

      1. Problem solved. I made a dumb mistake in my configurations. If it’s not working for you now, please do let me know and I’ll keep working on it, send you files, refund your $$, or let you beat me about the ears.

  2. Hi! I was very disappointed since I paid money via my card but cannot get access to the content that I paid for! Something’s wrong here, it seems…


  3. Hi I have also just purchased the culture shock lesson and can’t seem to find it. I bought it under my husband’s paypal account. Please help! Thanks.

  4. The picture is funny and the whole idea of cultural awareness lesson seems to be promising, however, the fee repels me, no matter how low it would be. But I understand the rules…

  5. Hi, I’ve paid for it, but cannot access to it. I don’t know where to download or see it. Can you send me the lesson plan?

  6. Dear Wlaton,

    Thank you for sharing it free , as a freshly language teacher, I could take a lot of benefits from your ideas and lesson plan.

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