A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a great introduction to Thanksgiving particularly for EFL students who don’t know a lot about the holiday.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Lesson PlanObjectives

  • Teach about the American holiday of Thanksgiving
  • Discuss traditions and the meaning of Thanksgiving
  • Practice understanding videos


  • Video Summary [for the teacher]
  • Video Comprehension Questions
  • Discussion Questions
  • Extension Ideas
  • Answer Keys
  • Video of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Warm up

Write on the board: “How we Celebrate”, “History”,”Meaning”,”Related Events”. Ask students what they know about Thanksgiving. Write their contributions in the appropriate categories.

Alternate Procedure Have students come to the board and write their own ideas on the board where they think they fit.

Alternate Procedure Give students 2 minutes to write down whatever comes to mind when they think of Thanksgiving. Then elicit one suggestion at a time from different students and put them on the board.

The goal of this exercise is to elicit vocabulary and get students thinking about Thanksgiving. This will also generate questions and get them articulating what they want to know. On the flip side, foreign students may be surprised at how much they do know about this American holiday.

Introduce the Video: Tell students that you are going to show a video about a funny Thanksgiving. Ask if they know who Charlie Brown is. Spend some time discussing the characters and their personality types. It’s helpful if students understand that Charlie Brown is rather shy and unsure of himself, Peppermint Patty is very assertive, and Snoopy is very creative but sometimes silly. However, they will quickly grasp these details as the film starts.

Then hand out the Video Comprehension Questions and tell students to answer the questions as they watch.

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