World Cup

I’ve been going over resources for teaching the World Cup in the EFL classrom. There’s a lot of great stuff up but I’ve been hunting for lessons that can reach all students, even those who aren’t interested or knowledgeable about football and, most importantly for my teaching situation, one-time lesson plans that fit into an hour or 90 minutes, because I teach a lot of groups only once a week.

So here are some worksheets and lesson plans that I really like. ESOL Courses has some nice quizzes and activities, particularly this original lesson on the vuvzela which has made such controversy.

this football game from Dave’s ESL Cafe can be used to test anything from vocab to grammar in a football spirit.

I used this drag and drop football vocab game the other day, although we didn’t have Internet so I just drew my own pictures.

Onestopenglish has some good resources: a first conditional lesson, which in and of itself is a little long, but could be shortened. My wife is also using their bracket charts to keep track of the tournament! I used this speaking lesson plan (with Teacher’s Guide) the other day at a beginner lesson, after I simplified the questions. It went really well. The first part of the worksheet, where students make longer and longer sentences with the words “I” and “football” was great for beginners because it showed them how much they could already say without realizing it.

I already Tweeted Sean Banville’s lessons on each match and those are fun particularly if you aren’t a football fan since they give crib notes on the game.

This reading and vocab lesson also looked promising.

And the BBC has a good list of basic and advanced football vocabulary as well as some slang.

I know a bunch of websites have put up best resources for the World Cup. Any other favorites?

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