Food and Holidays

Food and Holidays is a popular topic that almost all your students will have something to say about!
Food and Holidays Lesson Plan

This is a pretty simple discussion lesson plan to get students talking about food from different perspectives. It can be used as part of a lesson, or supplemented with activities, games, and so on. I found this was a good lesson to do when I was still getting to know students because it is a pretty universal topic and as a foreigner in a foreign country, students love telling me about their traditional food. I talk about US foods and holidays here because I am American but obviously it could be used to talk about your own native cuisine instead. If you are American, it’s a great way to introduce Thanksgiving or other traditional holidays that revolve around food!


  • To promote fluency and discussion
  • To practice vocabulary related to food, tastes and ingredients
  • To encourage students to describe in detail
  • To talk about holidays and traditions and customs related to food


  • Discussion Questions
  • Food Adjective Cloze or Brainstorm Worksheet
  • Pictures of typical American food (or food from your culture)

To prepare, put pictures of some typical American food on the board. For example:

but without the captions. Ask students to guess what these typical foods are. Then explain that in the US we also eat a lot of international foods. See if they can guess where these typical “American” foods come from.

Now ask students to name some of their national foods. Prompt them to describe the food in detail: what it is made out of, how it is made, how it is eaten, what it looks like, what it tastes like, etc. If you are familiar with their national cuisine you can prompt them. If you are not familiar, you can use your ignorance to elicit details. You can also get into what international foods have been absorbed into their culture and are now typical foods.

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11 Replies to “Food and Holidays”

  1. Hey good resources here… I’m an Aussie tutoring a German student (in Germany) English. Writing a customised course is much easier with resources like these. Thanks for the effort – clearly a tremendous amount of work gone into the prep. Vielen Dank!!

    After asking, “Where is the toilet” the next most useful set of language tends to our basic needs: I’m hungry, I want something to eat and a drink would be good too. The games are thought provoking and making a session as interactive as possible is vital for student success; most German’s learn quite good English at school but are afraid to use it until confronted by an English speaking population!

    Tools to encourage the spoken use of English are gold. Just thought to leave my thanks.

    1. Cool. Glad you liked it. Feel free to leave feedback on how the lesson worked in the classroom or suggestions on how to improve it.

  2. I think this is a great site. I am very impressed with you lesson ideas, and have borrowed some and used them in my classes.

    I love you role play topics.

    Thank you!!


    1. I’m glad you like the site. Feel free to add comments to how some of those lessons went and if you changed anything around or anything went not so well.
      Will check out your site as well.

  3. Cool! I really liked the ideas about swapping ideas and using each others! Students really learn alot from interaction with each other and peer assessment.

  4. Thank you for your lesson plan. I am a korean English teacher and teaching korean students. It’s really difficult to make them speak in English because they are so afraid of using it although they do know what they need to say. I like your lesson plan because it makes my students enjoy my classes and very active. Thanks again.

  5. A friend of mine acctually teaches French children English, German and Italian. As you could guess he is a very intelligent individual. But sometimes finds it difficult to get his knowledge across to his students. So i’ll email this blog to him and see what he thinks. But im sure he’ll find it extremely helpful!


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