Back in Astana

I have returned to Astana from Kyrgyzstan. I was working with a great program, funded by the US government to sen Afghan teenagers to study for one year in the US. The kids were great: very smart, very motivated, and a lot of fun to teach. It was also fascinating to learn about life in Afghanistan and Afghan culture.

I also picked up a little Dari (one of the two dominant languages in Afghanistan). The most important sentences in Dari for an English teacher are:
chup: Quiet!
Anglisi gap bazan: Speak English!

Anyway, great to back home and now is your big chance to sign up for lessons with me because my schedule is 100% free, though I am looking to try to work in some schools, so if any of you are rectors at Astana schools and looking for a native speaker to teach kids (or I’ve heard it is possible to arrange classes after-school where the kids pay themselves), let me know!

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